Vientiane Techno Construction

Price: 00000
Vientiane Techno Construction Co., Ltd. was established in 1993, The main survey and design irrigation, Have High-performance all over the country Hundreds of projects, Now the country has grown more growth and high technology the company has a market adjustment strategy more by establishing a company and the service sector further include:
 Vientiane Techno Consulting. Co., Ltd
The main purpose is: Survey design and consulting projects All kinds of projects in Laos, Especially Hydropower Project
 Vientiane Techno Construction. Co., Ltd: The main purpose is Construction services General, large buildings, tall buildings, 3-5 star towers, Irrigation system, Route, High voltage transmission, medium, low, Power stations And dam construction Including all installation systems Penstock, Turbine, Gate In the form of general contractor and EPC Contract

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